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Comanche Gunworks/Blacksheep Systems is a veteran founded & owned company by Matt Roberts and Brian Cagle.  We specialize in precision manufactured firearm components, tactical accessories, ammunition of all calibers, optics, body armor, bags, magazines and more.  


We pride ourselves on our unique ability to supply our customers with quality products and ever evolving services that are custom tailored to meet your needs.   We understand the importance of the performance of our products and strive to deliver items you can trust and depend on.  


We support our first responders, law enforcement, US Armed Forces Members, Veterans, and responsible legal gun owners.  The Comanche Gunworks/Blacksheep Systems teams are staunch supporters of our constitutions, civil liberties and freedoms enjoyed by all Americans.  


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Brian Cagle

Owner & Co-Founder


Matt Roberts

Owner & Co-Founder

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James Hewatt

Owner & Co-Founder


From the foothills of North Georgia men assembled and reported for duty. Charlie Company, 121st Infantry deployed to Bosnia in 2000 as a part of Stabilization Force 9. Men from Company B in Central Georgia reinforced Charlie Company for the peacekeeping deployment that would change the Company, the men who were the lifeblood of the Company and the Nation for years to come.

It was during their Bosnia ‘Peacekeeping’ deployment that terrorists attacked the United States on 9/11. From Bosnia, the men of “Comanche Company” would soon mobilize, train, and deploy to war torn Iraq in 2005. Again, men from Bravo Company (Company B, 121st Infantry) would reinforce Charlie Company.

Comanche would see action from across Baghdad to Ghazaliya. There would be no rest for the weary for the blended Bravo Company (The BlackSheep!), now augmented with the men from Charlie Company, would deploy to Pakitika Afghanistan in 2009-2010. They would ultimately serve with the 1st of the 501st Infantry (Airborne) and participate in the months of frustrating searches for CPL Bowe Bergdhal.

The experiences of Iraq and Afghanistan, the sacrifice, the loss, the endurance all bonded the men of Charlie and Bravo Companies. This bond was founded on core beliefs of our Constitution and principle among them: the 2nd Amendment! The mean streets of Baghdad and the high plains of Paktika Afghanistan gave birth to an identity forged under fire…Comanche and the Blacksheep!

Take a look at the slide show to meet some of the brave faces who served in Comanche and Blacksheep. 

Music by Spoils of War · Sons of Texas 

Resurgence - EP ℗ 2019

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